Writing assignments for high school math

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Writing About Math

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Oy. About the Author Wendy Petti is the creator of the award-winning Math Cats Web site, author of Exploring Math with MicroWorlds EX (LCSI, ), and a frequent presenter at regional and national math and technology conferences. She teaches grade 4 math at Washington International School.

There is the flexibility of using Video Tutorials when you want to get started right away. In lieu of having previously recorded Webinars with all the background noise and questions from participants, Castle Learning has provided Video Tutorials that are clear without distraction, brief (usually minutes) and broken down into short segments on each section for teachers to take a quick peek.

Lower Grades – Math Fiction. In the lower grades, introducing writing into the math curriculum serves a dual purpose -- it helps students improve their writing skills, and it helps students who enjoy writing to carry that enjoyment over to math.

Writing assignments for high school math
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