When money speaks truth remains silent

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1874 Reasons Christianity is False

Money can "push" the interests of those that have it. Those that don't have it can exert a "pull" on these interests in the hope to gain some money as a reward. Truth is subjective. Always. Yes, even when dealing in facts.

Think about Galileo. He was right - the earth is not flat. But look at the. Money Quotes and Sayings: Money will not bring you happiness, but I would rather cry in a Mercedes than in a bus.

When money speaks, the truth remains silent. Home.

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When Money Speaks, the Truth Is Silent By Mark worried about candidates collecting more and more campaign money from wealthy individuals and interests.

money speaks, both the people and. money speaks while truth remains silent do you think that money speaks where it is supposed to speak rightfully, or do you think that the truth itself does not deny the money money is all powerful because.

There is hardly ant doubt of the fact that when money speaks, truth is silent. In today's world, materialistic world, money reigns supreme. There is not a single thing that money cant buy or for that matter extend its influence to.

When money speaks, the truth remains silent. Russian proverb. The adventurer Michele Sindona was already at the head of a vast financial empire when his friend Pope Paul VI, inmade use of his services as financial adviser to the Vatican.

When money speaks truth remains silent
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Reasons Christianity is False | Reasons Christianity is False