The time value of money is

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Time value of money

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Understanding the Time Value of Money

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Understanding the Time Value of Money

“We have had our pass for a month and have gone to 14 venues. It has saved us tons of money and we’ve been able to do a lot of fun things with our kids that we would have never done.

Fiat money is a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government money does not have use value, and has value only because a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in exchange agree on its value.

It was introduced as an alternative to commodity money and representative money. In disaster situations, the value of money as we know it now changes, especially if we are dealing with a hyperinflationary collapse of the system's core currency.

The present value formula is the core formula for the time value of money; each of the other formulae is derived from this formula. For example, the annuity formula is the sum of a series of present value calculations.

This chart shows how a 40 hour working week can actually take up 70 hours of one’s time. And also how a wage of $ can be reduced by work related expenses of$ to leave only $ for 70 hours of work related time or $4 an hour or $1 every 15 minutes.

Find out why time really is money by learning to calculate present and future value.

The time value of money is
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Time Value of Money - How to Calculate the PV and FV of Money