Supervision for instructional improvement

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The Board's Role In Educational Improvement

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What We Do

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Jean Sorrell is a third-year teacher at Highton School. Instructional Supervision: Applying Tools and Concepts [Sally J. Zepeda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This essential text for prospective school leaders enrolled in instructional supervision and evaluation courses provides the knowledge and practical tools to improve teacher effectiveness. Melding theory and. What We Do. Books Hundreds of learning, teaching, and leadership titles will inspire you, expand your knowledge, and help you develop the skills to support student success.

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The Principal's Role in the Instructional Process: Implications for At-Risk Students

Timely and relevant topics include student engagement, technology, and instructional strategies. PHI DELTA KAPPAN ship are crucial, they do not encompass the entire do-main.

Instructional leadership also requires an under-standing of the. Supervision for. 2. Abstract Supervision for instructional improvement is a topic that all administrators face. This paper will analyze the five tasks of.

The Mathematics Instructional Leader (PreK-6) certificate program at JHU was designed to prepare an exceptional cadre of mathematics teacher leaders to serve teachers of PreK-6 grade students and in direct and indirect ways their students.

Supervision for instructional improvement
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