Should mindanao become an independent state

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BBL: Islamic state coming to Mindanao?

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Independent city

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Should Mindanao Become An Independent. Mindanao should not be an independent state. Mindanao should not become an Independent State “One of the essential attributes of a state under International Law is external sovereignty, the right to exercise freely the full range of power a state possesses under international law.

Mindanao (/ m ɪ n d ə ˈ n aʊ / (listen)) or still commonly known as Southern Philippines, is the second largest island in the skayra.comao and the smaller islands surrounding it make up the island group of the same name.

Located in the southern region of the archipelago, as of the census, the main island was inhabited by 20, people, while the entire Mindanao island. Jun 06,  · I think that if Mindanao were to be an independent country, it should be done through peaceful means and with the consent of the people of Mindanao.

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