Sample work breakdown structure for the case above

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Project Management, project planning, templates and advice

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PMP Exam Cram: Examine Project Planning

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The top level of the diagram contains the phases of the wedding plan. The phases then get decomposed into deliverables, the deliverables decomposed into sub-deliverables, and the sub-deliverables decomposed into. A work breakdown structure is a deliverable-oriented grouping of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project.

Since many projects involve many people and many different deliverables, it is important to organize and divide the work into logical sections based on how the work will be performed. Use this template and the included work breakdown structure (WBS) guidelines during the investigation and planning stage of your project.

This case could be also be included as online tutorial bundled with the software. Training Components from Above Analysis. Project planning introduction: philosophy, benefits, etc. Task Identification and Work Breakdown Structure The detailed guidelines and examples start on the following page.

What This Is. First of a series of six templates for project plan and schedule development. Task Identification and Work Breakdown Structure The detailed guidelines and examples start on the following page What This Is First of a series of six templates for project plan and schedule development.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): A progressive dissection of project deliverables with parent – child relationships. The WBS is typically established prior to detailed engineering and is the base platform for the 3D model, Document Control, Material Management, the .

Sample work breakdown structure for the case above
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