Pfizers lipitor new strategy for patent

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Pfizer Edges Toward Lipitor Patent Cliff as Exclusivity Extensions Near End

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Update: Pfizer and Lipitor (Show me the money!)

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Pfizer Has a New Sales Strategy–Will Be Selling Lipitor at Generic Prices When Patent Runs Out

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Pfizer Inc.

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Such expiration reduces the revenue potential of the business, as generic drug firms reduce Pfizer’s market share for the products with expired patents. The company must implement strategies to ensure long-term growth despite major changes in its patent portfolio.

Pfizer, the world’s largest drug company by revenues, reported a steep drop in first-quarter profits as it felt the impact of losing exclusive rights to sell its top-selling drug, Lipitor– a.

Executive Vice President and President, PGS, Dr. Kirsten Lund-Jurgensen, will retire at the end of the year after 19 years at Pfizer, and Executive Vice President, Strategy & Commercial Operations, Laurie Olson, will retire effective January 1,after 32 years at Pfizer.

Managing the challenges of pharmaceutical patent expiry: a case study of Lipitor ChonKitChaoandHaoHu State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, University of Macau, Macao, Macao LimingZhang Business School, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, and JihongWu School of Management and Economics.

4 Alternative/Suggested Solution Above Figure highlights 5 possible marketing strategies solutions that Pfizer can make to face the problem of Lipitor patent expiry and threat of generics capturing market share & price competition war.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pfizer Inc said today that it will seek to appeal a ruling of the Court of Appeal of The Hague in the Netherlands that Pfizer’s atorvastatin enantiomer patent is invalid. The patent (EP ,) had been challenged by generics manufacturer Ranbaxy and expires in July

Pfizers lipitor new strategy for patent
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Drug Channels: Pfizer's Lipitor Strategy and the Generic Monster