Is social network really social

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Social Media Use in 2018

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Social Marketing Optimization

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· The Social Network is a American biographical drama film directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin. Adapted from Ben Mezrich's book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, and leaves out things that really did Social networks Everyone has their own social network (whether online or offline).

Everyone has friends, families, and people they are acquainted with. An online social networking site simply makes our social networks visible to others who are not in our immediate network.

Facebook, of course!

Teenagers and social networking – it might actually be good for them

As the first social network to support ads, it’s perfectly sound to see it topping the list at a whopping $ billion. It now sits at the 15th most valuable company in the world, ahead of IBM, Intel or even Coca-Cola Not bad, for a business created only 10 years ago.

Most of us already know that Facebook is the top social network on the web. It's a thriving beast of a social networking site on the web with about 2 billion monthly active users and more than one billion that log on daily (according to Facebook itself).

Interestingly, although the use of social sharing has become the norm rather than the exception in business, some companies, after experiencing first-hand some negative effects of social media, have decided to go against the grain and remove the social sharing buttons from their websites.

Well there are many social networking sites out there. “35% of adults and 65% of teens in America who use the internet have profiles on social networking sites” (social networking pro/con).

Is social network really social
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