Explain why henry vii reclaimed crown lands

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Henry VII and Local Government

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The more efficient use of Crown lands would give Henry a greater income which he could use to enhance his authority. Henry VIII was to benefit from this.

Henry VII did not hand out crown land as a reward for good service. Rather he ensured that he consolidated what he had and exploited it to the full. The death of Prince Arthur in meant that all crown land would pass to Henry VIII on the death of Henry VII.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Before Henry VII, most of these attainders were later reversed in exchange for promises of loyalty: Henry VI reversed all 21 attainders, Edward IV 86 ofand Richard 99 of Henry VII attainted men, but was far slower in reversing them.

FinanceThere were a number of ways that Henry was able to raise money:The most significant source of revenue was the crown's skayra.comon: Henry did not tax harshly in times of peace. He probably realised that this would have been a bad move in times of such political skayra.com only was Henry concerned with the raising of funds, he .

Explain why henry vii reclaimed crown lands
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