Chinese head tax

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Canadian Museum for Human Rights

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Chinese Head Tax in Canada

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Chinese Head Tax in Canada

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The Chinese Immigration Act of was enacted as a result of the findings of the Commission.

Chinese head tax in Canada

The Act imposed a $50 head tax on Chinese immigrants, with the exceptions of diplomats, government representatives, tourists, merchants, "men of science", and students.

The Chinese head tax was a fixed fee charged to each Chinese person who was entering Canada. The Canadian government and provinces profited from these taxs. The various head taxes collected over 38 years amassed some $23 million. Chinese Canadians did call for acknowledgment of the human rights violations they experienced due to the head tax and Chinese Exclusion Act.

InDak Leon Mark and Shack Yee requested that the Canadian government refund the $ head tax they had each paid. THE HEAD TAX AND ITS EARLY HISTORY InChinese settlers came to work in British Columbia mines.

Bythousands of Chinese contract workers arrived to help build the Canadian Pacific Railway. However, when the railway was finished, a law was passed to restrict and regulate Chinese immigration to Canada.

Ina $50 head tax was imposed on Chinese-Canadian immigrants to deter them from coming to Canada, a tax that eventually rose to the then-enormous sum of $ The Chinese head tax was levied on Chinese immigration to Canada between andunder the Chinese Immigration Act ().

With few exceptions, Chinese people had to pay $50 (later raised to $, and then $) to come to Canada.

Chinese head tax
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