Breast cancer in young women

Breast cancer program supports young women through the ‘complicated issues’

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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer in Young Women

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Breast Cancer in Young Women Requires Different Treatment. Breast cancer doesn’t occur often in younger women. A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis brings many other challenges which is why we have a separate section specifically for women living with metastatic breast cancer.

Our book Never Too Young also has more information about dealing with this diagnosis as a young woman. Women age 40 or younger diagnosed with triple-negative disease had about the same risk of dying from breast cancer as women age 51 to 60 with the same subtype. Women age 40 or younger diagnosed with HER2-enriched disease had about the same risk of dying from breast cancer as women age 51 to 60 with the same subtype.

At first the results of this study may seem hard to understand. Diagnosing breast cancer in younger women (under 40 years old) is more difficult because their breast tissue is generally more dense than the breast tissue in older women. By the time a lump in a younger woman's breast can be felt, the cancer often is advanced.

10 Things Young Women Should Know About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in young women is a complex disease, occurring when these women are at the peak of their reproductive years, family life and careers. Being a somewhat rare disease the optimal management of these patients is based on scientific data derived from clinical trials mostly conducted on older women.

Feb 26,  · Young women shouldn't be overly alarmed, Johnson says, noting that breast cancer at any stage is not common before age The number of women in this age range diagnosed with advanced disease.

Breast cancer in young women
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