Anime otaku

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An American documentary, Otaku Village.

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Radio In New Dynamic LordKent Perceive once interviewed a Good fan who has " Don't comics", would only read Superman Comics and emotional that he even wants to be Going, to the reader where he wears his costume. OtakuStream - Watch anime online (English Subbed) in high quality and direct download for FREE!

New anime manga daily added. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi for short) is a romance comedy which characters are Otakus (Anime or Game Otakus). It is set in an office setting, featuring 4 main characters (2 couples) that are dating each other.

Otaku Diary is the number 1 source of anime related news and other cool articles for otakus.

Top 10 Best Otaku Anime Series [Recommendations]

Otaku now have the opposite problem: trying to stay up late enough to catch anime in the late-night blocks where it airs now (though they digital recording and on-demand streaming means they can bypass that inconvenience too).

Anime "otakus" are totally obsessed with anime! They spend hours reading, watching, drawing, thinking about and listening to anything anime-related! Are you sure you can meet these high standards? Take the test to find out! OtakuOnsen is an online Discord community, for people who love anime and gaming.

Since our start in earlywe’ve grown to be among the biggest Discord servers in the world! Even though the community is centred around anime and gaming, anyone is welcome to join and hang out with us.

Anime otaku
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